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Do you think businesses should print fewer receipts?

Yes. Hospitals here should not use A4-sized paper to print receipts. Imagine getting only one type of prescription but on a huge piece of paper.

Wik Su

Fewer, shorter and narrower receipts, please. And the option of no receipts, too.

Gerald Tan

Yes, absolutely. It's an awful waste of paper and ink, and contributes unnecessarily to the mountains of waste produced daily.

Climate change is about all of us making small changes to the way we work, shop, eat and live.

It's as important as switching the lights off during the day, cutting back on unnecessary waste, being frugal with natural resources, and adjusting the way we do business. It'll be a constant reminder to people that we must all play our part.

Gregory St George

I support e-statements and going paperless. But for receipts, give customers the option.

Gabriel Chia

This is assuming everybody is tech-savvy.

Besides, there are instances where "proof of purchase" is essential, like for exchanges/refunds/disputes.

Quite often, I do not notice any irregularities in my purchases at the point of sale until I get home.

Maids and employees, too, need them to show their bosses the amount (paid) for purchases.

For accounting and finance management, I still think printed receipts are necessary.

Tan Pin Ho

Receipts are still necessary... when you buy items for the company... Also, my parents still need receipts to tally the household finances.

Faith Yan Lam-Uranium

Yes. For important receipts, you can reduce the size of the paper (used). For example, some fast-food chains give receipts that are way too long.

Glenda Wang

There are apps that replace paper receipts... You just need a lot of businesses to agree to use them, which won't happen so easily.

Doesn't help that a lot of our small and medium-sized enterprises still use cash registers and jotter book accounting.

Dare Chia

How else does one obtain proof of itemised purchases if one is not comfortable with divulging personal information such as e-mail address or mobile number?

Dinie Abubakar

It could work by e-mailing receipts, as some bigger shops do. But for small ones, that will be hard.

Yvonne Chua Kaiyin

An issued receipt is proof that we bought something from the store.

Francis Lim

Send a digital copy to us. If we need a physical copy, we can print it ourselves. Most of the time, I throw away all the receipts at month-end.

Janice Tan

The Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore requires all receipts to be attached for claims. Without receipts, how do you make claims for faulty products?

Kiara Ten

Send receipts to a customer's mobile number if he selects that option.

I went to watch a movie with my family at West Mall, four tickets came with four invoices.

Syed Ali

Got to go cashless and receiptless.

Jia Han

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