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What are some suggestions to resolve the problem of noisy neighbours amicably?

It is consideration for your neighbours that is important. There is also the likelihood of bad sound proofing or lack of regulation on sound proofing. This should be a standard in Singapore.

James Thong

How about we improve on our interpersonal conflict management skills and attempt to resolve such issues amicably instead of pushing for new laws?

Berwyn Kwek

When a report is lodged, the HDB estate officer should investigate the matter immediately before the situation gets out of control.

Gabriel Chia

Approaching the neighbour and finding a mutually agreeable solution is the best approach. Being aggressive is never a workable solution. If all attempts fail, filing an HDB report could help.

Joseph Chia

Build another layer of dry wall and false ceiling. My neighbour added sound-proof windows. Although not 100 per cent sound-proof, the noise level was reduced.

Abby Ng

When it comes to comparing Singapore's performance against other countries, which rankings matter?

Rankings are one thing, but what are we actually doing about them? And is that the approach we want to take and why?

Si Ian Tan

Rankings are just comparisons. What is important are the cumulative factors which can generate success. Success in terms of progressively higher standards of living, growth in household wealth, stability of environment/country... basically on a macro basis.

Edison Chan

(Living) affordability and career progression should be the metrics that keep Singapore competitive and Singaporeans happy.

Magdalene Shane Lee

The quality of life is what matters most.

Ryon Chua

Priority is Happiest Country in the World, the rest is irrelevant. As to what constitutes happiness and how to work towards it, onus lies on the leadership.

Joel Tay

How we are helping the underprivileged to get to a better station in life, that's what matters.

Arifin Dingaroo Othman

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