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A young female smoker in Singapore.
A young female smoker in Singapore.PHOTO: ST FILE

Would it be fair to ban all cigarettes in Singapore? Or can a balance be struck between the needs of smokers and those of non-smokers?

We need to strike a balance.

Those who smoke religiously will remain smokers and that is something we cannot change.

We do not want to start forcing everyone to quit smoking.

Setting boundaries would be a good start to slowly limiting the number of places where smoking is allowed. Not allowing smoking while walking would be another move that many will appreciate.

A smoke-free Singapore cannot be achieved overnight.

Prince Alex

Set up smoking booths with air purifiers and extractors in coffee shops, shopping centres and other public places where hardcore smokers and tourists alike can go to smoke...

The mere drawing of a yellow box at a coffee shop is a real joke .

Ron Lim

The answer to this is surely to educate smokers on "responsible smoking" - where and when to smoke.

Then, there is the issue of disposing of cigarette butts responsibly.

These are just some common-sense issues than can be easily rectified.

Non-smokers should also exhibit common sense.

For example, if you are averse to cigarette smoke, avoid places where these smokers congregate and do not walk behind one.

John Lim

It costs us millions to clean up cigarette butts being thrown away indiscriminately.

If the Government is sincere about looking after the health of Singaporeans, then ban cigarettes now.

The costs do not add up to more than the taxes collected.

Yao Cheng

Will the recent Paris climate pact achieve its intended outcome?

Global warming is a global problem that requires globally coordinated actions.

It has to work because there are no alternatives.

William Chen

There has been and will be lots of talk about this subject, but action has been missing since the beginning.

Gerhard Hofmann

Global warming is as big a political issue as healthcare.

We cannot depend on the Government to tackle global warming alone.

If each one of us does our bit, we will be helping to keep global warming from harming our countries.

Peter Tan

With many still avoiding Sim Lim Square because of its notoriety, where else can locals and tourists go for good tech bargains?

Sim Lim Square is still a great place for bargains when looking for cameras, laptops and other computer-related items.

Sim Lim veterans have always avoided the phone and game console dealers.

Aaron Loy

Funan Centre's closure will probably keep Sim Lim Square "in business", as there are not many other places to go to.

Sim Lim's management should come down hard on those traders who conduct their business shadily.

Tony Bartlett

There is no need to go to Sim Lim at all. The various IT shows have very good offers and even retail shops such as Harvey Norman and Best Denki offer very competitive prices.

Even if you need electronic parts, you can also easily order them online.

Jag Kuo

We should not be carrying such baggage created by the saga into the future.

Sim Lim Square has a good local following for IT products, which tour guides may not be aware of.

There is no other gathering of IT shops that can match Sim Lim.

Wilkie Ong Keng Soon

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