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The Facebook logo is seen on a phone.PHOTO: AFP

Does tuition make it hard to know the effectiveness of teaching in school?

It is not a matter of whether tuition masks schools' effectiveness, but whether tuition has given an unfair advantage to students from families with the means.

Wei Min Liu

To a certain extent, we have lost the meaning of going to school to learn.

Jo Hariman

If big-class teaching were effective, then parents would not have to fork out money to pay for tuition. Most classes have 30 to 40 students. How do you expect a teacher-student ratio of 1:30 or 1:40 to be effective?

Pauline Eri Na Na

Define effective. Learning in school is only ineffective if teachers and parents have different views and expectations on the outcomes of education.

La Lulu

Given the attention span of our kids these days, parents are lucky if their children get 10 per cent of what is being taught in school. Based on my observation, out of 27 students, fewer than a dozen are actually listening to the teacher.

Liza Jaffar

What can be done to protect consumers who lose their deposits when retailers shut down?

Don't do pre-payment. With one hand, hand over cash, the other hand, take the stock.

In addition, be wary of cheap deals.

Edwin David Goh

I never sign up for a package for any service even if it is cheaper.

I have friends who lost out from gym packages, hair cut or treatment packages, facial and beauty packages.

Serene Yew Ker Huan

Need a payments gateway like PayPal. Money is secured before service or goods are delivered.

Steven Hii

How can we ensure that our homes are safe from fires?

Too many devices relying on electrical power for recharging; too many "smart home" devices reliant on electrical power. The fire risk arises when one keeps overloading one single power socket with multiple plugs. (Have) more regular training on basic fire fighting within the community.

Steven Goh Robo

Please use fire-resistant materials to build our homes to ensure our homes are safe.

JF Gary Tom

Mandatory fire alarm as in Germany. Mandatory fire extinguisher as in public buildings, mandatory fire insurance as in Portugal.

Vasco Dias Lopes

Everybody should be a responsible person, to think about the safety of oneself and others. Fire alarms, fire-resistant building material, extinguishers may fight a fire but only with individual responsibility can we prevent fire.

Bilal Ali Ahamed

Check your power switches and watch your stove fire every time you use them. These two are the most important, followed by not hoarding and over cluttering your house.

Daryl Li

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