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Is there a need for more hawker centres in Singapore?

Yes, definitely, with more HDB towns being built and the possibility of getting a Unesco listing for hawker heritage. However, (they must have) more space and good ventilation. Existing hawker centres built several years ago should be upgraded. Food sold should be varied and value for money, not necessarily cheap.

Harry Chia

What's the point when it is sublet to another vendor to manage? Rental and food become more expensive with smaller portions given.

Christine Loo

Yes. Simply to help bring prices down and for more competition, and also to create more jobs for Singaporeans.

Teresa Wong

Why the need to open more when there is already an oversupply? Now food delivery service is the "in" thing. Just call to order day or night, the delivery rider will bring it right to your doorstep.

Peter Tan

Should there be cycling lanes on roads for bicycles and PMDs?

Cycling lanes can be created on the road or next to the pavement. And if our Government really focuses its effort on implementing them, the number of cars and motorcycles will dwindle.

I use my scooter to travel to work, a distance of 10km. After work, I can easily travel around town and choose from a variety of food options for dinner. It is definitely faster and the cost saving is tremendous.

I use my car only on the weekends for family outings.

Alex Sng

Yes. Simply because they shouldn't be on the regular lanes both for the sake of smooth traffic flow and their own safety. It's been a huge oversight by the Land Transport Authority for years.

Joel Luo

Our roads aren't very wide but it would be good to have a lane on the road for PMD users and cyclists. All cyclists and PMD users must follow the direction of vehicle flow.

Ho Weng Kok Mike

Roads are already congested and they want to add a cycling lane? The space is coming either from existing lanes, thus making things worse, or from carving up sidewalks.

Yang Yan Zheng

Just look at how China manages and regulates its larger versions of PMDs, and have separate lanes for PMDs and bicycles. Of course, it has had such infrastructure for many years and it does have police officers and cameras to regulate them. Pedestrians do not walk on such designated lanes as they have pedestrian lanes.

Eric Ho

The Government should construct cycling paths between footpaths and the road. Safer to separate the three than trying to combine two in one.

Calvin Lim

If cyclists are already using the extreme left lane, it is not difficult to put in lane markings, which could be reflection studs or lines, to alert other vehicles to look out for bicycles or PMDs using the road.

Wilkie Ong Keng Soon

When I was driving in Tanah Merah, I came across one cyclist in the vehicle lane. I slowed down and asked him why he was not cycling in the cycling lane. He waved me off and gave me an angry look.

There are pedestrian walkways, yet so many joggers choose to run on the tarmac and dash across traffic when traffic lights are not in their favour.

It's not about lanes. It's about the attitude.

Ricardo Richard

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