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Will banning shop displays for tobacco products help reduce smoking rates? Why or why not?

It may have a psychological effect.

What you can't see, you probably won't be tempted to buy.

For children, if they don't see cigarettes, the urge to pick up smoking will be reduced.

Decrypting Hard Iyanto

It definitely won't work for addicts.

If the authorities can ban e-cigarettes, why not cigarettes?

Smoking increases healthcare costs.

Be brave, ban tobacco products.

Robert Lim

I have been smoking for 55 years... for me, it's not going to make any difference.

Only a ban on the sale of tobacco in Singapore will stop me from smoking.

James K S Tan

Making them more expensive is good enough.

Lee Kee Hong

Will allowing businesses to adopt or own S-League clubs help our football scene? Why or why not?

Yes, it will.

We need a proper ownership structure where businesses that adopt the clubs are not hindered by any organisation as long as they abide by league rules.

Clubs and their sponsors must be given a conducive environment where they can grow the team with the community and their business/products.

This would not be possible without a shake-up at the Football Association of Singapore.

Sukhvinder Cheema

We can try out with one company first, like Singtel or Singapore Airlines.

If it is successful, others will want to join in.

Kishor Sekeran S

No, it won't help; it is not profitable.

Businesses will drain their finances, instead.

Even top clubs in Europe can face a debt crisis.

Tae Hyun

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