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Besides celebrating our cultural differences, what more can schools do to promote tolerance and empathy on Racial Harmony Day?

Can the kindergartens start immersing the children in the cultural heritage of the different races? Children learn languages fast. The different races can learn one another's mother tongue and, from there, this can arouse their interest in our rich heritage.

Angie Liu

Learn a few simple words from the different national languages on this day. It is something unique to this region where two different races can communicate in the language of a third race.

Wei Jie Lau

Singaporeans of various races have a common love: food.

Get the parents to make or bring food that is unique to the respective races and share it in the school hall. Maybe even get the cooks to talk about the food and give a demonstration.

Loh Wai Poon

We don't need empathy and tolerance - they both have negative connotations. Let us cultivate, nurture and celebrate acceptance, diversity, inclusiveness and oneness. One people, one nation, one Singapore, all working together in unison.

Francis Chong

Should life-saving skills, including first aid, be a critical part of Singapore's education system?

This is part of civil defence. Of course it is a must.

Roy Tan Kong Wei

Yes. It is an important life skill to acquire, even if it is just for general knowledge. I did my first aid and CPR course. Learnt so much from it.

Angie Wheatley

This is vital for everyone as it will train young learners not to panic when faced with an emergency... they can save someone's life immediately with this skill.

Pall CP

Yes, but please also subsidise the course for working adults who want to learn. It is $200, from what I understand, and that is a high cost for someone who wants to learn how to help others. Subsidising it will help increase the number of people who are trained.

Nafeesa Docura

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