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How can bosses create a positive work culture?

Anyone can list the qualities of being a good boss, attend all the seminars and workshops, and read all the books but some people simply do not have it in them to lead. It often boils down to simple values like integrity.

Ch Tn

They should be humble enough to get along with their subordinates, and mingle with them, with a listening ear or two; not be aloof, or think that they are superior and know more than others.

Peter Tan

It is not the responsibility of the boss but the employees to create less politics and gossip.

Arthur Ma

Some companies have adopted an "appreciation workplace" culture, where leaders can improve their leadership competencies by reframing and changing the way they lead and manage. It has to start from the top.

Sometimes, leaders may not show appreciation because they were led by past leaders who did not show appreciation. Hence, they continue to follow this leadership style. It could also be that they think they are showing appreciation, but the employees do not feel that way.

Jasmine Floreal Liew

Bosses have to respect employees of all levels especially those on contracts. It's very sad when the boss treats only his permanent staff with respect.

Lai Yin Lee

Bosses can only control certain things, mainly company and business resources and environment.

They can't always change (the) collective thoughts of employees but should engage and influence change of direction through meaningful (ways).

A leader needs to know when to lead, and when to allow teams to be self-managed and go with the flow. A leader probably wouldn't want his followers to see him as egoistic or authoritarian; such working relationships are often unsustainable and a detriment to the company.

Employees also have to understand the common values and that there is a bottom line for everyone's common interests and benefits.

Eiizumi Design

Do you think the current scheme to encourage the purchase of cars with lower emissions is adequate?

Our scheme here is a joke. Compared with other developed countries, we are decades away from moving towards zero emissions.

Damien Chia

Since there seems to be insufficient incentive to buy environmentally friendly cars, more rebates should be provided to spur more to make the switch. Ensure adequate infrastructure is in place to support such vehicles. Better still, make the scheme compulsory for all car buyers.

Kevin Tan

We did consider getting a lower-emissions car, but after doing the sums, it's just not worth it.

GW Xyey PG

How can we be a green city when the electric cars are so much more expensive than the petrol ones? There is no point in having the Vehicular Emissions Scheme, the incentive needs to be greater to fuel more demand, and then more choice in the market. Currently, the selection of electric cars is so limited as demand is low.

Mary Mah

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