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Should harsher punishment be meted out to motorists who fail to give way to emergency vehicles?

Yes. I've lived in Australia, France and the US, and their respect for emergency vehicles is inspiring. I've seen cars mount roadside kerbs to make space for the ambulance in jams, so great is their respect for human life and the work emergency personnel do.

Rachel Foo

If there is a way to give room on our roads to ambulances, or an empty space in an HDB carpark for emergency vehicles to navigate into, then motorists who simply refuse to do so should be heavily punished.

Sometimes, with heavy traffic, it's difficult to give way to emergency or police vehicles immediately.

Harry Chia

Every minute counts in saving a life. I've sent elders in my family to the hospital before for emergencies and had my share of pure anxiety and fear when the cars in front of and beside (the ambulance) were oblivious.

It's not always the car in front that's at fault. Often cars in the neighbouring lane(s) refuse to let the blocking car move into their lanes. Fastest learning curve is to inflict big pain to their wallets, I say.

Chin Wee Choo

The authorities should relook which lane emergency vehicles should take.

By using the outermost lane (lane 1), other drivers can only move to the left lane - again, depending on how willing those drivers are to give way to the cars trying to change lane.

If emergency vehicles use the middle lane (lane 2), drivers are able to switch to the left or right lanes.

Jules Wong

What kind of support should be given to help mums with the task of breastfeeding?

Clean and comfortable nursing rooms.

Eeleen Tay

Get health professionals to visit mothers at home to check if they are feeling okay.

Jun Haywood

Clean breastfeeding/pump rooms with power sockets, a small table to put equipment, hot water and a fridge. It should also be more affordable to rent a hospital pump.

Siti Hajar

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