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Do parents of young children face discrimination at work?

While I appreciate companies showing support for staff who have young children, companies should also show appreciation to staff who cover the duties for these colleagues.

I remember that at one point, I had to cover the duties for two colleagues on maternity leave at the same time. After that, they took childcare leave every now and then. They also did this during their pregnancy and when they (were) unwell. It was very tiring and frustrating for me. Couldn't help but feel resentful.

Alicia Chui

As we want to boost our dwindling birth rate, we need to make... (sure) that staff with children are supported and not shunned. In the long run, with an entrenched positive work culture, companies stand to benefit. For example, turnover rates will be reduced.

Kevin Tan

Yes. Sometimes I feel very bad for having many children because I have to take... time off here and there, or I'm unable to get to morning meetings on time. My company is supportive and does not penalise me but I still feel this is on a goodwill basis and I am not sure how long it will allow me to continue in this way. There should be more support so that parents with kids feel less guilty.

Nicole Edwina

This has nothing to do with discrimination. Looking at the bigger picture, we are in a competitive country that requires both parents to work for the next generation. If they can't do their job, it will likely be outsourced to others who are willing to do it.

Noctis Lycis When I go for job interviews, the first question is: Who looks after my children when I work; any issues with child-minding? So if I want to work, I need to leave everything to my helper.

Premila Miti

Should more attention be paid to sugary drinks served by coffee shops and caterers?

Saying "kopi siew dai" or "kopi kosong", which mean coffee with less sugar or no sugar, respectively, is the practice when ordering kopi from the coffee shop. We just need to tell the drink seller.

Gabriel Chia

I'm an adult, and perfectly capable of deciding for myself. I don't need Big Brother telling me the amount of sugar in my drink.

Keith Wood

More attention should be paid to people's diet.

Xiang Long Lim

Why not include bubble tea too? It's either you take it or leave it.

Siah Jin Kim

It's your own health, so you should upkeep it instead of expecting others to do it for you.

Shops also don't have a choice. If they don't sell the soft drinks, what else can they sell instead?

Daryl Li

What can be done to make an engineering career more sought after?

While we pay top money to bankers, lawyers, doctors and government administrators, we cheapen engineers by importing them from developing countries.

While we teach that engineers create value, our own society suppresses (their worth).

Adrian Koh

In Singapore, those who "manage" are better rewarded than those who "do". Technical skills are less valued than managerial skills.

Unfortunately, many promising young engineers "progress" in their careers to become incompetent managers. It's quite different in Japan, the United States or Europe, which is why they have so many breakthroughs in technological products.

Ho Yew Chin

Accountants will put engineers as a cost centre, while sales and marketing is allocated as a revenue centre.

Business people who are not far-sighted will try to be cost-effective, so they take the financial report at face value without understanding the cost and revenue allocation.

Peter Simeon Khew

I was an engineering graduate with a second upper honours (degree). It took me 11 months to land an engineering job. I jumped to the finance industry after a year. Never looked back since.

Chien Kwan Teo

Engineering is a discipline that needs to be put to use or practised. I would suggest a dual studies programme like what the Germans have, alternating between studying and working for an engineering-relevant company while receiving an allowance.

Abdullah Farouq

Top 5 per cent of engineers don't make as much as the top 5 per cent of doctors and lawyers.

Nasrudin Salim

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