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How can we encourage the adoption of cashless payment at all levels?

First, set up some sort of national standard.

There are so many different standards that both consumers and merchants are confused, and this makes them less likely to embrace cashless payments.

Kum Kum

If facial recognition technology can be used for payment, cashless payment at all levels can be a reality.

Harry Chia

When you have 10 apps for 10 different modes of payments for 10 different retailers (meaning 10 different accounts and 10 different log-ins), I would rather whip out my wallet and pay in cash or by credit card because every one accepts the same mode of transaction.

In China, WeChat can be used for everyone, completely replacing all bank transfers. Would you want to walk out with 10 wallets? No? I thought so too.

Zan Chou

All the different companies will have to put aside their egos and agree to have one common platform. Otherwise, it's just a pipe dream.

Theo De Roza

Remove all fees, and include incentives. Grab is actually doing a good job.

JereMe Lim

While major businesses can absorb the cost of maintaining payment terminals, small and medium-sized enterprises can be given concessions and rebates to adopt cashless payment.

Au Kah Kay

Poor and old people may not even own a credit card, making cashless payment a problem for them.

And many of them also worry about the security of such apps, so they prefer using cash.

It's not easy to change such mindsets.

Sally Hw

The beauty of cash is not having a digital trail. The only near equivalent is cryptocurrencies. Go figure out the rest if going cashless is the objective.

Mar Vin

I am all for it!

There are days I no longer need cash. It's the neighbourhood shops and markets that still require cash. I don't see this changing but perhaps more can be done to incentivise these shops and the older people who still use cash.

Shannon Knight

Provide free all-in-one terminals to all merchants which can accept all types of payments and can be easily updated to accept new payment types.

Take out the monthly subscription fees and charge only transaction fees.

Sean Wu Jia Hui

Cashless payment must be efficient for both customers and cashiers.

Perhaps the speed of the transaction process can be improved.

If paying by cash is faster than cashless payment, then the system has failed.

Gabriel Chia

Lower the fees for Paywave-like payments and simplify the enrolment process, so that all merchants can easily enrol and not have to pay major fees.

Clement Nedelcu

Get hawkers on (payment service) Square or something. In the US even pasar malam stall vendors will take credit card.

Better innovation. Protect the copyright of original innovators through fair intellectual property practices.

Better documentation. Post how-to videos to show vendors how to use/troubleshoot the devices, and for users to use them more efficiently.

Magdalene Shane Lee

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