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What is lacking in current suicide prevention efforts?

Educate parents on how to counsel their child and teach him healthy coping and self-regulation strategies... At the workplace, the bosses and senior management have to ensure that communication among staff is encouraging and honest, and provide additional support where necessary.

Esther Lim

Remove the stigma of not being able to cope. Give more help on learning how to cope. Be kind to those who are trying to cope.

Ai Ling Niel

The entire education/career system is based on notions of perfection, leaving people to struggle if they feel they can't quite meet the expected standards. They thus fail to ask for help... It's a cultural/societal issue, start with addressing that.

Sha Kosmoz

A suicidal person is discouraged from talking for fear of someone calling the police rather than helping/comforting (him). People often reprimand those who are depressed/suicidal, saying that disappointments are part of life, or they avoid them to prevent "unnecessary drama in their lives" .

Sapphire Jasper Lee

What can be done to help employers so that they don't have to end their maid's employment contract prematurely?

This idea of helping employers not to end contract early ignores the fact that many contracts are ended early by the helpers themselves... Helpers should not be allowed to casually leave within a few months of starting a contract. Yet they do it because they can. And employers bear the cost.

Jessica Yeoh

Agencies make money from the next employer when maids are returned to them. Maids tell all kinds of lies before they are selected. It's so frustrating to put up with a maid who promised everything but turns out to be lying.

Lai Yin Lee

My house was burgled by my very own helper. No background check. The agency couldn't even provide her address. Only things they had were a copy of her passport, one basic education certificate and a phone number, which.. can be bought off the streets... I was told that the helper (went to) a training centre when it doesn't exist...

The 2nd agency I engaged hid the fact that the helper was transferred three times.

Tan Dina

During my interviews with maids, I was surprised to hear some say they are used to being transferred if they are not happy with their employer... They should be penalised for constantly changing employers... They do not even want to try and improve their work but keep job-hopping.

Fand Zee

It never fails to amaze me the number of Singaporeans who employ (maids).

There are many countries around the world with higher costs of living where one parent stays at home to look after children or the elderly.

Jackson Pillock

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