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Visitors cycling at Coney Island Park.
Visitors cycling at Coney Island Park. PHOTO: BERITA HARIAN

Should the Singapore Tourism Board promote cycling tours? Will this encourage more people to enjoy Singapore's outdoor life?

It is certainly a good idea for tourists to get to know Singapore via cycling.

But please implement it only after we put in place clear rules for cycling as well as a cycling infrastructure.

The last thing we want is for our visitors to learn about our "sloppiness" in cycling management.

Annie Ng

It may not be popular due to the humidity in Singapore.

I am very keen to try out running and cycling tours overseas when the weather is pleasant.

Jason Chuang

Make use of our well-connected walking routes in the city area by conducting cycling tours at a leisurely pace.

Pedestrians and cyclists should learn to co-exist and exercise consideration for one another.

Wilkie Ong Keng Soon

Singapore is too small to conduct round-the-island cycling tours.

There would be lots of complaints about cyclists blocking traffic, charging into pedestrians...

If the cycling tours were within nature reserves, there would be too few places for this.

Loh Wai Poon

How can we encourage more Singaporeans, both young and old, to take an interest in science and technology?

Show people the relevance of science in their lives, for example, by rewriting suitable news articles from the perspective of science.

Wendy Ong

Everyone has their own interests in certain subjects and if they do not have the interest in an area, no amount of education will work.

Science and technology are not everyone's cup of tea.

Peter Tan

Parents play a major part in cultivating interest in science and technology for their children.

It's a good idea that the Science Centre has been providing free entry to Singaporeans, so hopefully this continues.

Damien Chee

Should bloggers be made to declare sponsorships and relationships with service providers? What other guidelines should there be to promote ethical and truthful advertising?

Bloggers should not manipulate their readers by passing off paid advertisements as their personal opinions...

If a blogger is paid to endorse another website, experienced Internet users will know by looking at the "nofollow" attribute in the source code.

Daniel Gan

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