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The Facebook logo is seen on a phone.
The Facebook logo is seen on a phone.PHOTO: AFP

Are public announcements relying too much on foreign voices?

Does it not sound local to anyone? There are some of us who can articulate ourselves really well.

I would laugh if we used a Singlish accent.

Dexter Chua

Not really. I go to the library and take the MRT often, and the announcers don't sound foreign to me.

Wei Jien Teng

Nothing wrong with that as long as the message is understood by all.

Harry Chia

It's the radio stations that have too many foreign accents. They don't really sound like local stations after a while.

Su-Lin Guizard

What is wrong with accurate pronunciation and diction?

KM Chia

Good reminder to be proud of our own ways and culture.

Stuart Lee

Should telemedicine services be extended to heartland doctors?

Not all heartlanders are tech-savvy; better for the doctor to diagnose and explain face-to-face.

Robin Teo

How do you accurately diagnose patients without seeing them physically? Telepathy?

Francis Lim

It's only good for time saving if the clinic is packed with patients.

Peter Tan

Should trilingualism become the norm in Singapore schools?

Many of us can't even speak our own dialect, never mind a foreign language. No need to force it, those who have the passion to learn, will.

Hui Xian Ang

Language learning should be fun and practical. We don't need to learn a third language to do well for an exam but more for future practical use in the marketplace. And don't stop our children from learning their own dialects as these are also used in some parts of the world.

Steven Chiu

Being bilingual is already a good start. For subsequent languages, let them learn for joy, not for grades.

No need for a third language to be examinable.

Junny Ebenhaezer

Start by offering it to students who can handle three languages, then let people see the advantages of it.

Sooner or later, kiasu parents will force their children to take up a third language. The trilingualism norm will build itself up.

Heng JinLiang

Obviously not. Most people cannot even master English in a bilingual environment.

Nicholas Ong

One of the best ways to understand another's culture is through language.

Lee Lai Lai Amy

Extra languages never hurt. The majority of Scandinavians speak at least three languages.

Robert Ng

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