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Should supermarkets reduce their own usage of plastic?

It's time to go beyond plastic bags. Why is there a need to wrap bananas in plastic?

Eric Lim

Supermarkets use a lot of plastic bags to pre-pack their vegetables and fruits.

This creates wastage when the fruits or vegetables are not purchased and go bad.

Wendy Wanderer

If supermarkets don't individually wrap fresh produce, either you see them throwing away large amounts of damaged food, which goes to waste, or they hire someone to get you what you want without allowing you to pick.

Either way, it increases costs which will be passed on to the customer.

I rather they do as they do now - I get clean, quality fruits and vegetables. Saves me the step of buying cling wrap.

Margaret Chong

Supermarket self-check-out counters make things worse by letting customers choose how many plastic bags they want.

Mikewong Yewmee

The problem is that Singaporeans are so used to having convenience in almost everything.

Ideology and practicality are worlds apart.

Fred Fred

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