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The Facebook logo is seen on a phone.PHOTO: AFP

Should the SkillsFuture programme receive additional funding for the retraining of senior citizens?

What is most important is to make sure that citizens are not retrenched or jobless so that retraining is not necessary. Because training does not guarantee any job.

Ray Ong

On my wish list for the 2019 Budget, I proposed an Adult Education Fund to encourage lifelong training and retraining.

Increase SkillsFuture credit to $1,000.

An initial credit of $500 was given to all above 25 years old. It is time to raise the grant to $1,000 per year.

Tan Kok Tim

Should there be a law that makes it illegal to feed or release any form of wildlife in Singapore?

Not many people will go around feeding wildlife or releasing wildlife in Singapore. But the rate of destruction of the natural habitats of the wildlife is a far worse problem.

Daryl Li

Feeding of wildlife is probably bad, especially with birds.

Lee Kee Seng

This proposed law is too broad and may violate some religious practices. Specify what wildlife and what exemptions can be allowed.

Loh Wai Poon

My neighbourhood is full of cats, and they are being fed daily by a few people. Is this considered feeding the wild?

Cheng Pei Hsia

By instinct, wild animals know how to look for food.

However, by feeding them, they become emboldened and dependent.

And when they don't get enough, they become aggressive.

Tan Pin Ho

We should penalise only those who set illegal traps or try to hurt the animals... For those who are trying to help the animals, just educate them or at most give a warning. A fine is a bit extreme.

Jaxon Lee

Is it reasonably enforceable? Is there a better alternative to legalising this into a code? I think these questions need to be answered first.

Vincent Ng

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