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Should the Government take over the running of the majority of pre-schools?

From my working experience in education, I notice that kids from privately run kindergartens and childcare centres perform better academically when they enter primary school, compared with those from My First Skool and MOE kindergartens, where fewer can really read and write basic English. If (pre-schools are) government-run, there will be a drop in overall standard.

David Teo

No, the Government should not. Doing so contradicts the principle of allowing diversity and innovation in childcare. I would rather the Government invest in healthcare, housing and transport to bring costs down in those areas.

Joachim Goh

(It's the end) of entrepreneurship.

Timothy Tan

I don't think that is wise as I doubt the Government can lower the child-teacher ratio in pre-schools. For example, a private pre-school can offer one teacher to 10 or 12 children for K2, while the Early Childhood Development Agency recommends one teacher to 25 children. Teachers will have a difficult time ensuring all of them will be ready for Primary 1.

Sharifah Ashraf

If the Government takes over all the pre-schools, K1-K2, it will surely have economy of scale, consistent programmes throughout Singapore, and better control and monitoring of these kids' overall progress. Many pre-schools are run by various privately owned companies and their quality of teaching and environment vary.

Tony Ho

Agree. (From the perspective of) economies of scale and cost of operations. Pre-school fees are too exorbitant. Subsidies benefit only operators.

Wong Charmaine

Is qualifying for the 2034 World Cup a realistic goal for Singapore?

Currently, only four Asian teams are given places in the World Cup finals. If Fifa doesn't at least double the number to eight Asian teams, it would be very difficult to make the 2034 finals.

Asian teams will also improve from now to 2034, (such as) traditional Asian football powerhouses like Japan, South Korea, Iran and Saudi Arabia, and Australia (now grouped in Asia).

Matthew Liew

Currently, Singapore's Fifa ranking is 162... how can we improve the ranking to the top 50 by 2034?

Wong Yking

Have a free-to-air dedicated channel for international sports. Let the young watch and be inspired. (Have) professional soccer with good remuneration and after-soccer life plans. A technical and sound coach; a sports medicine team... Training grounds with all the facilities for professionals. First and foremost, play to win the SEA Games, Asian Games, and so on... Play hard and move up the Fifa ranking by 2025.

Bert Fern

We need to create an environment where players can focus on playing football as a career. Can we?

Jon Lua

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