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Should employers consider job applicants even if they do not meet specified educational requirements?

Qualifications are only an entry point. After years of working, qualifications become less important, and the hiring manager will be looking at experience and past achievements. Attitude, responsibility, passion and creativity are all things that you can't assess based on qualifications.

Li Quan

It depends on the job scope. If a job requires decision-making, communication, technical and managerial skills, a degree will be necessary. If the job only requires the person to follow procedures and instructions routinely, then paper qualifications are less important.

Au Kah Kay

As an employer at an SME, I hire the majority of candidates not based on paper qualifications but on their ability to learn from mistakes and take criticism. That is a skill no amount of education can buy.

Wesley Gunter

I have worked with degree-holders who could not perform. Employers should go beyond qualifications because some people are only good at studying, but are not able to think critically.

Joanna Chan

Why should employers settle for second-best jobseekers when they can have the best, qualifications, experience, attitude, aptitude and salary being constant?

Nathan Chen

Yes, of course. Tons of people with qualifications do not use common sense to do things. And many who are less qualified on paper but have experience can contribute much more.

Cynthia Tan

It's about competency and attitude. A degree doesn't mean anything if the candidate has the wrong attitude and cannot deliver.

Until the interview process is changed to put more weight on the behavioural aspects of a candidate, nothing will change.

Steve Lye

You can't buy experience, and these are the people who will be able to think on their feet.

Schiffon Winnie Chan

This is like saying: "I don't have the skills or experience to do the job, but hire me because I am willing to learn."

It would be a nightmare for human resources and the company hiring them, since people like that need a long time to be integrated into the company as colleagues need to teach them everything from scratch and, in the end, they may even quit after they realise they are unable to do the job.

Joel Wong

Education should really only matter if it's a first job, otherwise it should be about experience, which should take priority in almost every situation.

Goh Jun Hui

Besides penalties such as fines and corrective work orders, what else can be done to curb littering?

In Singapore, "face" does matter. Have a registry publish their name and face.

Jac Lyn

In addition to current measures, send them back to pre-school to practise throwing rubbish into proper places with little kids.

Colin Chee

Bring back the Keep Singapore Clean campaign as a reminder to all.

Gabriel Chia

Teach children not to litter. If they see their parents litter, they will tell them not to do it, and the parents will be so ashamed that they will never litter again.

Marco Polinelli

Get them to do the work of an HDB cleaner for a day.

Yj Lee

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