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Would shortening working hours help caregivers?

Shortened working hours and flexible work arrangements will help caregivers of young and old.

It would be a sure step forward for Singapore that will increase the competency of the workforce in accomplishing work in a shorter time, and give greater work-life balance to support family building.

Goh Boon Siong

Singapore ranks poorly in work-life balance, and has one of the longest working hours among developed countries. Shorten the working hours for everyone, not just for caregivers.

Dave Tan

For people who have to work on weekends and public holidays, such as those in the service or retail sector, or people in the security industry who have to work 12-hour shifts, where on earth is there ample time for family and friends?

YZ ZHang

Caregivers can be family members or paid helpers. Shortening working hours to provide respite or relief to family members, albeit for only a few hours, would certainly help.

David Lim

Everyone should work a maximum of four days a week.

Jimmy Beany

How can burnout be tackled?

I think everyone should have a hobby or something they enjoy doing to reduce burnout.

Ang Yee Gary

Make it mandatory for companies not to contact employees after office hours; no e-mails, nothing.

Gwendolyn Kuo

Mandatory law for a five-day work week.

Galaray Tan

Is the change to the Primary School Leaving Examination scoring system for children exempted from studying mother tongue languages fair?

I think it's unfair to children with learning disabilities. They had no choice but to be exempted from MTL. They already have a hard time trying to cope with the other subjects and should not be penalised further. I think the Ministry of Education should put themselves in the children's shoes before implementing new policies.

Hk Tan

It is like giving a low score for a running test to someone with no legs, just because everyone is expected to run.

Jolin Poon

Pupils should not get a high grade for an exam they have not taken.

Leon V DS

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