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Would having two Houses of Parliament benefit Singapore? Why or why not?

It is not how many Houses we need in Parliament, it is about quality.

Having one and being efficient is better than having two Houses but less efficiency.

We do not need more than one House of Parliament to succeed.

Peter Tan

No. Who will pay for it?

Eric Lim

What can we do to improve our cyber security at home and in the office?

The users are always the weakest link, no matter how powerful your hardware is.

Start by getting rid of easy-to-remember passwords.

Ng Kelvin

Should insurance companies reward policyholders who take care of their health? Will this help induce people to lead healthier lifestyles?

Risk pooling should not be made compulsory, especially when the premiums are not lowered by much.

An Dee

Why not? I don't smoke or drink, I exercise regularly and also watch my diet and remain healthy at the age of 60...

Why should I subsidise those who do not take care of their health, when I take pains to maintain a healthy lifestyle and they don't?

Andrew Singh

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