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A Forum contributor thinks that corporal punishment sends the wrong message to children. What do you think?

Only love and communication work. Your child is half of you and half of the one you love and chose to live with.

Mark Lim Thiam Seng

Every child is different, hence the need for different parenting styles. Physical punishment and physical abuse are two different things altogether.

Every sane parent wants nothing more than the best for his/her children.

Sharon Long

My generation mostly grew up with corporal punishment, yet I don't see our relationship with our parents being worse than the new generation's.

In fact, nowadays, many young people treat their parents so badly.

Dave Tan

Corporal punishment as a last resort, yes. Not for every action. Parents must establish actions and consequences from the very beginning. Love your child, don't pamper him. If a child is misbehaving at a tender age, it falls on the parents.

Tavania Gorlush

Physical punishment does not cure the symptoms. You need communication and love to solve the root cause of their misbehaviour.

Using the cane to build strength in a child is an archaic and outdated form of parenting.

George Han Corporal punishment is still necessary but only when administered in a fair and calm manner.

It becomes wrong the moment it turns into an exercise to vent anger and frustration.

Wei Min Liu

Physical punishment is meant to tell your kids that there will be consequences for whatever they do.

Okazaki Sharifi San

I'd rather cane my children when they are still teachable than have the discipline master do it.

Anna Lim

(Corporal punishment) teaches them that actions have consequences, and that lesson is delivered quickly.

Nigel Pope

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