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Should those who commit offences against racial and religious harmony be made to do community work? Why or why not?

I agree! Get those who commit offences to do community work at the racial or religious bodies they attacked or abused.

This work is not to humiliate them, but to educate them in racial or religious practices and principles so that they understand what was so wrong about their offences.

Loh Wai Poon

A fine and community work in the racial community that the person demeaned. Put that person in the midst of the people he condemned to do community work.

Tavania Gorlush

For first-time offenders, instead of community service, how about attending a session similar to Alcoholics Anonymous?

Let them talk about it and share why they have such misconceptions, then advise them on how to blend in and let them interact with people of different races and religions to better understand them and how their actions caused hurt.

Sometimes, bad guys don't want to be bad guys, they just don't know how to act.

A helping hand could go a long way.

Kate Chan

Sure, get these offenders to do community work, so they will learn the importance of racial and religious harmony.

Christian Christopher Kmtan

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