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What can be done to encourage people to start families at a younger age?

Everything is about money in Singapore.

Even if a couple can't conceive and need in-vitro fertilisation (IVF), it is also about money.

So if young working adults can't even feed themselves why would they bring another mouth into this world?

Houses getting smaller and so expensive.

Healthcare is even scarier. Go private, the bill will kill you; go subsidised, the waiting time will also kill you.

Jessica Pay

(Bonus for) first baby $30,000, second $60,000 and third $90,000. If this policy is implemented I am sure Singapore can achieve the 10 million population very quickly.

Alex Lim

More childcare leave. Currently, it is not enough. If a parent has three or more children, six days of childcare leave is not enough. Especially if the kids take turns to fall sick. I think most parents would have used up all the childcare leave even before the end of the year.

Haqqi Hessa

Making moving out or renting a place more affordable, maybe? Also, follow the German model in making education free.

And maybe a card for parents to purchase groceries at a vastly reduced price especially if they're lower income/have more children

Wong Zheng Kai

Encourage wider adoption of flexible working hours. With rentals increasing each year, cost associated with childcare, kindergarten and general living expenses will also go up.

Eng-Joo Gay Should children specialise in a sport at a young age?

Some schools want students to take part in sports to win medals and meet KPIs (key performance indicators). Otherwise, they may feel that having the CCA is not a good use of taxpayers' money.

Mark Chan

If they show talent and interest, why not? I believe in grooming athletes who show potential in their given field of speciality to raise the standard of sports in Singapore. It is generally more fun if you are good at it too.

Yu Ming Jin

Take away the concept of win and loss in their hearts before asking them to take up a sport of any kind.

It is the first criterion to being a good sportsman or athlete.

(Without) sportsmanship, no matter how good you are, you are nothing more than a jerk and a money making tool.

Daryl Li

I encourage my three kids to try many types of sports. They choose one or two that they want to do, but they must stick to those for a period of time. It's not about becoming professional at a sport or winning, it's the journey that counts. Exercising, learning coordination, dedication and hard work.

Travis Lin

To be good at a sport you need to play at least three times a week. How many parents you know will allow that and sacrifice tuition time? You have to change the mindset of the parents too.

Chi Wai Lee

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