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Will raising more awareness help reduce food wastage? What are some ways to cut down on food wastage?

I agree with having smaller servings of food with cheaper prices. Promote an "Eat Wisely" campaign.

Anne Chin

It's a cultural thing: In restaurants, we want to save face so we order more than we need, especially when eating with relatives and friends.

At supermarkets... we buy items even if we know we cannot consume them all by the expiry date. Consumers can be educated to see the alternatives to such behaviour, and that wastage can be channelled to something more useful.

Harry Chia

What can be done to encourage the safe use of e-bikes or other motorised personal mobility devices?

Establish a basic course on the proper use of e-bikes, understanding of right of way and basic road etiquette, and integrate it with a basic road signs course. Hopefully, we will see fewer errant riders if there is better understanding of proper e-bike use.

Joshua Nathaniel Norsen

E-bike riders should take the Highway Code test and their e-bikes must be registered with a number plate. Do not allow them to ride on the footpaths and pedestrian crossings.

Henry Chor

A writer suggests carrying out train maintenance during the day instead. Would this help prepare commuters in the event of future breakdowns?

Yes, if it is effective. Not every day... Maybe Sunday, when the majority rests at home.

Cheng Muon Cheun

It is not practical to carry out maintenance in the daytime. Train services will be disrupted.

It is cooler working at night without the sun's heat and glare.

Jwee Quek

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