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A person holding a smartphone showing the logo of Facebook, on July 4, 2019, in Nantes.
A person holding a smartphone showing the logo of Facebook, on July 4, 2019, in Nantes.PHOTO: AFP

Should Singapore's rich offer to pay more in taxes? Why?

Why keep punishing the hardworking and risk-takers? The rewards are commensurate with their hard work and the risks they have taken. They deserve the rewards.

Richard Lim

If we are paying high taxes, we must be thankful as it means we have higher income.

Victor Lee

Singapore is a capitalist country, you work for reward and are rewarded for the good work that you put in. It's a fair system in the sense that everybody gets opportunities to succeed irrespective of socio-economic status. The people who always complain and grumble about the rich taking opportunities away are just jealous of the success that they have not achieved.

Instead of whining and comparing, maybe do something to turn your own situation around?

Matthew Foo Yung Xiang

The rich are already paying higher direct and indirect taxes. Many of them donate to charitable foundations but keep a low profile.

Au Kah Kay

I seriously cannot understand why the Government stops at 22 per cent. The progressive tax should go all the way to at least 40 per cent, and this will strongly strengthen Singapore's financial reserves.

Esther Lee

The rich have become rich partly due to the economic well-being of the country and should contribute more to support society.

The rich don't just become rich by themselves without a stable economy and a hardworking population.

Eric Wubai

How much more is more? Keep taking from them and one day, they'll run away.

Abdul Malik Mohammed Ghazali

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