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Do you think basic etiquette is becoming obsolete? In what way?

Singaporeans lack social etiquette, compassion and graciousness.

Lai Yin Lee

Etiquette is not a set of strict rules; it is meant to be a guideline. Etiquette will become second nature to us if we develop a sense of politeness and consideration for others.

Gabriel Chia

This is due to sheer arrogance, a false sense of entitlement and lack of self-respect. It's learnt behaviour and a result of a lackadaisical upbringing at home. Emphasis is placed on IQ but not on EQ or social skills.

Philomena J. Samuel

I'm fed up with people using mobile phones or carrying bulky bags in crowded, confined spaces, especially in trains... and pretending that there's nothing wrong... (They) need education on respecting the personal space of others.

Yu Boon Cheng

Kindness is often seen as a weakness and disadvantage by many people in this world.

Daryl Li

You can say it starts at home, but these days most parents aren't around at all... (They) make up for their absence by spoiling the child.

We used to have moral education in school. Look at the generation then, and look at the one now.

Daddie Yowzer

The popular YouTubers and Instagrammers that kids are watching make doing the wrong thing seem cool. This plants the idea that being mean is cool, and that integrity is for losers.

Decry Hardiyanto Zaidi

Should the teaching of history in secondary schools be changed? What is lacking in the syllabus?

Make history relevant and interesting. This is the story of how we arrived at where we are today... The young must and should know the biographies of great men and their glories and how they strived through adversities, an inspiration for the future generation.

Chrissam Ng

I studied World History in Sec 1 and Sec 2. We covered China, Middle East, Europe and South-east Asia.

When I travel or watch a documentary, I appreciate the historical sites, the culture of the country, and how history influenced the culture.

I think the history curriculum should bring these back. It was embarrassing to overhear a group of Singaporeans saying "aiya see one rock is enough, why need to see other rocks, they are the same" when I visited Ephesus in Turkey.

Jon Chee

I had never trusted history. History is a platform for the winner to do the talking. Too one-sided. The hard truth is always covered up.

Ng Teck Guan

Growing up in Singapore during the 90s, I learnt lots about the two major wars and even Thai history.

It was only much later, in my late 30s, that I realised that I'm horribly ignorant about my grandparents' Malaysian and Chinese lineages. I had to ask my aunt to learn this history "unofficially".

Jeremy Cacho-Lim

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