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Do teachers receive enough recognition and respect?

Maybe teachers need to ask themselves why they lose the respect of some people. We send kids to school expecting teachers to be professional about their work. In the end, corrections are not done and teaching is minimal. It is the parents and tutors who clean up the mess (when) school teachers fail to do their work properly.

William Sam

Respect for a teacher might come only after a student leaves (school and becomes) an adult, and one day looks back and realises that the teacher had indeed contributed to his own success in life... That is what teachers face.

Allan Tan

Give more funding to special schools and increase special educators' pay. That would be the best recognition.

You want to attract and retain talent? Pay them well.

CheeHao Lee

If parents don't respect teachers, students will learn from their example and not respect teachers too. Nowadays, teachers have no authority to discipline students because even the lightest of punishments is considered abuse.

No authority = no respect.

Yvonne Zhou

Does a gallery dedicated to NS belong in the revamp of Marina Bay's floating platform?

(The platform) should be used for a zip-line or water-sports. These would be fun and popular options with locals and tourists alike. It would also make good use of the marina.

Mark Davies Dedicate a wing in one of our national museums if you want to have a gallery. NS men and women have made immense and permanent sacrifices in the line of duty. So yes, they do deserve better and more importantly, a more sincere form of recognition.

Gerald Tan

I'd rather have a memorial on Orchard Road listing all the names of NS men and regulars who died in the line of service.

Yao Zhan

Marina Bay is a tourist destination and a place for sports. Better to put it in some education centre or museum to remind youngsters of the importance of national service.

Yue Sern Mok

Should men's paternity leave benefits be the same as women's maternity leave benefits?

Agree. This is the 21st century and families are mostly dual income. Both mothers and fathers work. Why are we still so traditional and backward thinking?

Carol Tay

I do not think the benefits of men should be the same as women's. Maternity leave is to help the woman nurse herself physically back to health and and wean the baby.

Silk Bonteh

The Government can widen the flexi-work schemes for fathers who have young children below three years old. I'm not sure how the funding for flexi-work schemes is being used but just tap it since it is already budgeted for. If three years old is too long, why not up to 18 months?

Linus Ng

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