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What more can be done to help men become more engaged fathers to their children?

Educate men before marriage and after the child is born that fatherly love cannot be replaced by mothers or anyone else.

Absent or angry dads are also a no-go.

Edwin Lim

Active engagement does not necessarily mean spending more time on children and less on work. It means fathers actually taking an active interest in their children's lives. A simple daily face-to-face with children and a short conversation is a good start. You don't have to be a house husband to be an engaged father.

I do agree that fathers are an important role model in the family for both sons and daughters.

Wei Min Liu

Should the Sin Ming Court fowl be relocated if they negatively affect a small number of residents?

I think noisy neighbours are even worse; even when they are in the carpark below you can hear them shouting. Can I also relocate them?

Alan Lim

Can't you live with nature? If it's that bad, why don't you move away?

Kiara Ten

I live in Bishan and we have them too. Even my kids have got used to them and we listen out for them in the morning. They love it when I take them downstairs to see the chickens.

It is great to me that my kids can see and hear real fowl in our midst. Can't we just learn to live with nature and not make the world revolve around us and our personal preferences? What are we teaching our kids: Anything not to your liking and convenience, just complain and say good riddance?

Ming Hui

More and more Singaporeans are becoming cry babies. We should be more gracious with our environment and neighbours. If we can't even live with the kampung wildlife, what kampung spirit is there to talk about?

Tommy Ong

It's a matter of getting used to the noise. I was immune to the fowl roosting at night and crowing in the morning on our farm in Mandai where I once lived.

Silk Bonteh

It's a few chickens, not airplanes flying overhead or trains rumbling past every 10 minutes.

Devlin Tay

Should charities run business subsidiaries?

Seems like we have forgotten about Mr T. T. Durai and the National Kidney Foundation saga.

Lai Voon Choong

They should not. There is the potential for corruption.

Chang Meng Tat

When you run a business, you need to pay the CEO, top management, executives, staff and so on, and you still need to pay them even if you lose money. And if you make money, they will claim higher wages and bonuses. So the charity will only benefit a few.

Goh Guan Sam

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