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Vehicles on Singapore Pan Island Expressway.
Vehicles on Singapore Pan Island Expressway.ST PHOTO: LIM YAOHUI

Should senior citizens be made to retake their driving test for licence renewal?

Seniors are experienced drivers. They just need to be in reasonable health to continue driving. No need to retake the test. But they should pass the medical check-up.

Don't be confused between knowing how to drive and having the physical and mental abilities to drive.

Yc Pang

I was in the general insurance industry for 20 years, as claims manager, then general manager. Motor claim cases were one of my main areas.

I can safely say that the stats do not support the assertion (that older drivers are more accident-prone). In fact, accidents caused by older drivers were far fewer than those caused by people below 30 years old.

Freddy Neo

Yes, I am in my early 60s, and have driven since the age of 18, both locally and overseas, manual and automatic vehicles, without any serious accident, but have had to accept the fact that I don't drive as well as before.

I agree on the need for regular check-ups.

Agnes Meurzec

It is about the attitude on the road and not so much whether you are senior or junior.

Lawrence Tan

No, as many accidents are caused by young, fast and rash drivers who drive more powerful and modified cars. You can see them weaving in and out of traffic in a hurry. Just ask the car insurers.

Violet Han Yin Ng

If they are to drive public transport vehicles such as buses, taxis and private-hire cars, there must be an age cap.

Dhiah RG

Should also make non-seniors retake the test yearly given the number of on-road heroics.

Arthur Lim

It's down to the character of the driver.

Stop confusing age with driving habits.

Philip Lim

If seniors have been driving all the while with a clean traffic record, why are we even suggesting this?

Next, should we ask senior teachers to retake O-or A-level examinations?

Teh Hong Low

No need to discriminate against drivers of any age. All drivers must take responsibility for their own health to ensure they are fit to drive.

Gabriel Chia

Older people tend to be more careful and drive slower. It's a fact.

Davy Devaraj

I suggest that whoever is involved in a car accident retake the driving test.

Aspro Neo

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