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Should the authorities officially recognise "choping" and work around it, instead?

Uncivil gesture. Want to be proud of that?

Tong Bn

I'm proud of our choping culture. It's efficient, especially during the office hour rush.

Adelyn Lee Meishi

I love the idea... saves time. If I don't find a table, I don't buy the food at that centre. It's just like at a restaurant, if we don't find a table, we don't order right. Makes sense.

Anu Lall

Why do we want to give recognition to a self -centred culture? We have better qualities to be proud of.

Zan Chou

Let's be practical. When a person goes alone to a place for food, during peak hours, if he or she cannot reserve a place, he or she may end up without a seat after buying food. This is not uncommon overseas, I have seen the Thais and Vietnamese do the same at eating places with their laptop bag left on seats while they buy food... what is so ungracious about it?

James An

Public places are for free sitting. You want to chope, go to a restaurant. Don't (make us) a laughing stock for the world.

Magnanium Steven

Choping is like a tacit agreement, like a dance with rules, a very quaint SG culture. It's civilised and mutually respectful. It's nothing unkind, but SG kampung style, like people in the past taking their stools to chope seats in front of the street wayang stage. (It's) a nice vestige of the old gentle ways. Why be so antagonistic, as in anti-choping? It's just a queue system that evolved from within SG, part of our DNA that respects queueing and acknowledging who came first.

In fact, with a no-chope system, imagine people laden with their food trays rushing to secure a seat. That's even more ungracious and uncivil.

Edwin Tow Yang Heng

Should military personnel be allowed to hold on to their ICs?

What's so wrong about identifying myself as military personnel? One job that I signed up to do and I'm proud of it. Why should I be hiding it?

To use the SAF 11B as a form of identity is also a form of recognition of their service and contribution to the country. Our SAF 11B does have certain privileges in term of taking public transport or buying movie tickets.

I'm certainly not ashamed to be identified as a military personnel.

Steven Goh Robo

This practice (has been there) since day one. As time has passed, and with technology changes, Mindef should review it.

Stephen Lee

Let's not make things difficult. This practice has and will continue to serve us well.

Gabriel Chia

Archaic ruling with electronic identification.

CJ Smith

It's irrelevant to compare this with private employment passes. Military service is not just employment.

Military personnel are subject to additional set of laws, restrictions and in certain areas, authority. They are subject to these laws in and out of camp, 24/7.

It is not an employment pass.

There's no reason why they need their pink IC as their 11B functions just like it.

Melvin Ch

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