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Should those who carry out bomb scares on planes be jailed and/or caned?

Both! It's not a joke. Taking away the authorities' time and effort to investigate a false case when they could be investigating a real case is very wrong and puts lives at risk.

Eu Jin Kang

Yes, they are troublemakers.

Tcr Yamy

It's the same as yelling "fire" in a movie theatre.

Tom Lee

Caning for this is not realistic. However, they should be handed a jail term, be banned from flying, and be made to foot the bill for the inconvenience caused.

Daddie Yowzer

No need to be jailed, caned or fined. A lifetime ban on flying would suffice.

Matthew Liew

Depends on the magnitude of damage done.

Lawrence At Work

Absolutely, yes. Modern society's pandering to the self-obsessed has led to the erosion of almost everything our forefathers worked and fought for, and the deterioration of everything we once held dear.

Gregory St George

The person should be made to pay for the delay caused to all the other passengers. He should be made to pay $500 minimum per passenger, plus the expenses for using all the emergency services.

We should impose a minimum jail sentence and caning for anyone who decides to pull such a prank. Yes, juveniles should be tried as adults for such offences and their parents should be held accountable and be made to pay for it, too.

Rand Chua

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