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How can people avoid being a casualty of digital platforms that shut down abruptly?

Simply avoid using them. Refuse to pay deposits and subscription fees. And make a backup of whatever you purchase digitally in your own storage medium.

Daryl Li

All these start-ups are not making money; they will collapse when the angel investors pull out.

Tomato Tsc

Should Vanda Miss Joaquim, Singapore's national flower, be planted in more locations?

Yes, because our Singapore garden city must have more national flowers. Please plant more in the Jurong Lake Gardens and the Punggol area.

Chen Li Ying

It's actually more fragile than you would think, especially indoors. Some were planted for the IMF-World Bank Group meeting in Suntec in 2006, and almost didn't last through the week. Even those at the Botanic Gardens need plenty of natural sunlight.

Jeff Leong

Plant some in HDB estates.

Wong Yking

Should plant some along the route from Changi Airport so that tourists coming into Singapore can straightaway identify that the flower is Vanda Miss Joaquim, Singapore's national flower.

Emily Tan

Make it available at FairPrice so people can put it in a vase to enjoy.

Goh Guan Sam

Should working parents and their employers try to make use of flexi-work arrangements during the school holidays?

Yes, so we can spend some time with our children, especially when they are alone at home.

Dinesh Navarlan

Not all companies support flexi-work arrangements for their employees but for those who do, it's a blessing.

Peter Tan

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