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What sort of skills should graduates and job seekers have to help them secure jobs and ensure their relevance in the workplace?

All skills are relevant. The more you have, the more opportunities you get. Always reinvent yourself to keep up with changing circumstances and times.

Francis Chong

Employers should be asked this question. A website could be set up for them to state the skills they look for in potential employees. This will help students take note of necessary skills and be more focused in their studies.

Allan Tan

It is not about the skills they possess, it is about creating a system that can build passion - and the rest will fall in place. Once the passion is there, students will start to embrace learning to build individual capacity, be able to collaborate to provide constructive exchanges, and formulate good strategies... to create cutting-edge products and services.

Wenwen Lee

What features should a mall for seniors offer? Besides a mall, what else can be done to help seniors lead a fulfilling life?

A mall for seniors should have stores that sell and teach seniors about health food. There should also be shops that sell equipment that can help seniors in their daily lives. The entire mall must also be senior-friendly, with ramps, bigger and slower lifts, slower escalators, brighter lighting and bigger fonts for shop signs.

As seniors like to take their grandchildren out, there should be playgrounds that both children and seniors can enjoy together.

Loh Wai Poon

I think an indoor park would do fine, where seniors can gather and chat the afternoon away without worrying about stall employees telling them to give up their seats for other customers.

Genevieve Lim Hautier

Change the perception that the aged are nothing but burdens. Our senior citizens are gems in the amount of life experience they have... They are our best teachers, mentors and partners. Their contributions to society may seem to have little economic value, but if you calculate their impact, their efforts are priceless.

Y.P. Lim

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