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Will moving away from the use of the bell curve for grading contribute towards inculcating a joy for learning?

Education is about preparing an individual for the future. The future is harsh and if we try to shelter kids too much, they will be traumatised when they become adults in the real world.

Chong Kian Beng

As long as there is a grading system, there will not be joy for learning. Parents want that grading system to know how their kids fare.

Lai Yin Lee

If the focus in on the joy for learning, then I see no point in grading. But if the focus is on how to decide who has merit in our meritocratic society, then of course everyone wants to get an A.

Mark Leong

The system shouldn't deceive students who get a low A into thinking they are smart when everyone else is getting a high A. That's why the bell curve exists, to educate candidates on their standing against others.

Chan How Chong

This is Singapore. There must be a first place and a last place.

Eu Jin Kang

Students will pick only easy modules where everyone gets an A.

Khiew Zhi Kai

Should subsidised wards be equipped with air-conditioning? Why or why not?

I was in a B2 ward recently and the heat was unbearable, especially in the afternoon. It makes no sense for the ward's corridor and nursing stations (that is, the immediate external environment) to be air-conditioned, and (not) the C and B2 rooms. Who knows what complications patients might suffer from the sweltering heat and perspiration.

Julia L Ng

If we can air-condition libraries and community centres, we can have air-conditioning in hospital wards.

Wendii Lam

Can equip (with air-conditioning) but don't increase the price.

Yusrin Yusof

There are pro and cons... With air-conditioning, when one is bedridden and poos in the bedpan, the smell lingers. Whereas with windows and fan, at least there's ventilation. A ceiling fan at every bed is good enough. At least one doesn't feel cooped up.

Siti Nor'aini A S

I stayed in a C-class ward and it was extremely unbearable at noon and at night. It was extremely warm with the waterproof bed making it even warmer. I was lucky to be there for only two nights, but there are a lot of long-term stayers, (staying for) months. I pity them for having such an uncomfortable bed.

Linda Ho

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