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Is the portrayal of mental illness on TV too stereotypical?

TV scriptwriters and researchers for drama programmes need to do better. We're always portrayed as manipulative, broken, emotionally unstable and unable to maintain normal relationships. Get rid of your dated mindsets - stereotypes and ableism are the reasons so many of us are struggling to find the help and support we need.

Seraphina Huimin

As long as their health condition is under control or cured, they should be treated with respect.

Kah Kiat Tan

It's just a show. Don't need to overreact.

Toh Ong

How can random checks by Public Transport Security Command officers at MRT stations be improved?

Hire professionals instead of using elderly staff. If a situation of finding someone with a weapon or bomb arises, they can't do anything about it. Also, the staff shouldn't be demanding or pushy.

Steve Lim

Either you check all commuters or you take away the random checks and build up your immediate response team to tackle a situation when something happens.

Yap Yong Soon

Why the need to check wallets when an ID has already been handed over? Even airport staff do not go through one's wallet.

Dennis Chan

Nothing to hide, then nothing to worry about... the whole world is on high terror alert.

Andrew Sansom

A check is a check. Why should it be different at MRT stations? Bear in mind, such checks are to ensure our safety. Why should the checks be done discreetly?

Loewe Tay

Will priority cabins in trains have a positive impact?

Educating the public to (give up seats for) the elderly or those with disabilities is more important than a priority cabin. We just need to have considerate commuters.

Harry Chia

We are already packed like sardines inside the train; with one cabin taken and used as a priority cabin, the squeeze in the rest is unimaginable.

Andy Wong

If there's no serious implementation, it will not be effective. We need MRT staff in the train cabins to check and enforce the needful.

Shirley Tay

Have priority seats been successful so far?

Brenden Allan

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