On Facebook: Is there a need to make sure policies don't inadvertently encourage single parenthood?

Is there a need to make sure that policies do not inadvertently encourage single parenthood?

As far as I know, Singapore policies favour married couples over singles, including single, unwed parents.

Benjamin Chew

Bringing up children as a couple already isn't easy (unless you're rich and/or can offload the child-rearing duties); few choose to go it alone.

Eric Ong

Why would you make it hard for single parents? Their numbers are rising not because policies are making it easier.

Andy Wee

Things don't have to be binary. Policies should definitely not make single parenthood even tougher. As it is, odds are pretty stacked against single parents.

Keith Teo

Do you agree that Singaporeans lack mindfulness?

We are not mindful because we're too busy looking at our mobile screens to observe and learn from others these days, especially the youth.

Yoon Hee Liu Just drive on Singapore roads and you will get your answer. Same goes for trying to exit MRT (train) doors.

Steven Tor P H

We are kind, compassionate and courteous, but we are also kind of reserved, and articulating our appreciation is not a norm as it sometimes leads to "uncomfortable conversation".

One gracious act leads to another whether you articulate it or not.

Jessica Chan

Singaporeans practise selective mindfulness. For simple acts, they don't find it mandatory to acknowledge them, but when it comes to things like alerting you if your money drops out of your pocket, Singaporeans will without a beat say thank you with a smile.

Harry Chia

You are confusing mindfulness with courtesy and graciousness. You don't need to be mindful to be courteous, it should be instinctive behaviour.

Sakthivel Vetrivel

Let's be honest. Singaporeans are very mindful of not being mindful.

Keng Hui Ong

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