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Do you agree that foreign domestic workers are exposed to greater threats of abuse because they live with their employers?

I'm not against maids, but too many are just taking advantage of employers. Employers are guilty till proven innocent.

Lya Marriah

I think there should be more transparent hiring processes so that both employer and helper have very clear expectations on what the job will be like.

Have you tried selecting a helper based on only one-line replies on stacks of paper profiles?

And the helper isn't even around for you to "assess" or explain what you need.

On the flip side, a helper just wants a job as soon as possible and will agree to anything.

From the very beginning, the basis of hiring is wrong.

Cheryl Sim

Employers not only lose freedom and space but sometimes also valuables or, even worse, loved ones because of strangers being allowed to live in their houses. The helpers save a lot of money because of free accommodation, food, medical costs and many other things paid by employers.

Lisa Loh

Treat them with dignity and respect, and regard them as part of your family. In most situations, they will reciprocate.

Raj Muruga

Many well-intentioned employers are seriously undermined by existing laws that veer towards the protection of foreign domestic workers (FDWs). Agents are also taking advantage of this. They are the ones who make the extra buck from both the FDW and employer.Nobody gains except the agents.

Casper Koh

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