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Will giving people a place to feed birds help to reduce pigeon-feeding offences?

Birds know how and where to find food. There is no need to spoon-feed them.

Peter Tan

No. Take, for example, some countries in Europe, which designated huge areas for pigeon feeding. It turns out that the authorities had to spend a lot of money to clean up buildings and statues because of the bird poop.

Rui Ying

The pigeon population is out of control currently and to encourage feeding is suicidal. The rate of pigeon reproduction is huge, even without feeding.

Kean Chye Neoh

Yes, please provide a place for bird feeding.

Monicca Narayanan

Should it be made compulsory for students to learn Malay in schools? Why or why not?

Being given the option to learn any language is a good choice, and is fair for everyone. It should not be made compulsory.

Jef Samantha Abraham

Is Malay not our national language? It should be made compulsory for everyone to learn so everyone can understand the National Anthem.

Mia Henning

It should be made compulsory for at least a year. It is always good to learn another language, especially when we are surrounded by Malay-speaking countries.

Adrian Tan

How can learning our national language be optional?

Alvin Ctw

It is good for children to pick it up, but not as a school subject. Our children are already too stressed.

Jessica Chan

Optional - absolutely yes, compulsory - no. Studying a mother tongue language is already difficult for some, let alone having to cope with another language.

Perhaps it can be incorporated as part of some other non-examination studies or co-curricular activities.

Harry Chia

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