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What fire hazards do you see in heartland neighbourhood areas and what can be done about them?

Mandate that all power socket outlets have timers incorporated. That way, no electrical appliances will be left turned on while unattended.

Allan Tan

One common problem is cluttering in the common corridors of HDB flats.

Sangha Vandana

Inconsiderate people throw lighted cigarettes into the rubbish chute.

Peter Tan

Should parliamentary sessions be telecast live?

Yes. As voters, we should have the right to view sessions live and evaluate the MPs we voted in based on how they perform.

Tay Yu Wee Devan

Since it's being filmed anyway, just make it available live and on demand through platforms like Toggle. This may improve attendance and the quality of debate. This will also do away with the perception that they only show what they want to show.

Choy Weng Leong

I agree, it gives citizens a fair understanding of what goes on in Parliament, instead of only getting snippets from the news.

Jason Lee

Yes, for the sake of transparency and accountability.

Lai Thutt

It is in our nation's interests to telecast sessions live so that Singaporeans can, while watching, pen down questions and clarifications that can be submitted through the government's feedback unit, Reach, and subsequently be addressed sooner.

Paul Antony Fernandez

Parliament is where our MPs represent the people's voices in the debate of various key national issues which concern our country and citizens. Live telecasts will provide Singaporeans the knowledge and understanding of the key issues which need to be addressed.

Jack Lee Yew Yong

Yes, this will help viewers feel more involved in the debates.

Ge Song Liang

Would you like to be filmed while working, and your computer screen shown live to your boss?

It's not about transparency, everyone would try to attract attention with their words instead of making sense.

Kelvin Lai

Live telecasts will encourage youngsters to join Singapore politics.

More exposure is always good for the future of Singapore as a democratic nation.

Adi Suffian

What can be done to help the elderly adapt to a cashless society?

Never mind asking the elderly to go cashless, I, who am not old, also prefer to use cash.

Sandra Ho

The ez-link card is extremely underutilised. Hawker centres, foodcourts, and others should work together to cut down on the need to carry so many different cards.

Rachael Percy

Old people like the touch of real money. It gives them a sense of security.

Jeff Cheung

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