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What more can schools do to curb bullying?

During primary school open houses, parents, please ask the following questions: What is the school's position on bullies? What are the anti-bullying programmes available in school? How will the school protect the victim? What types of rehabilitation programmes are put in place to stop the bullies from repeating their behaviour?

Rachael Percy

Is there a feedback system for the victim or victim's parents to reach out to the school or MOE? (Have) a feedback report reference number to hold (someone) accountable if no action or investigation is conducted for resolution. Otherwise, teachers will just brush off any feedback.

Beni Ong Both the bully and the victim need counselling. Victims need to learn how to stand up for themselves, improve their self-confidence and seek help when necessary. The bully has more complex psychological problems.

Candi Chia

Part of the problem is the culture of inaction. Adults must lead by example by encouraging our children to speak up.

Gabriel Chia

Do you think the way recyclable waste is collected from bins needs a review?

At the recycling factory, they dump everything together anyway. So a redesigned bin will not help unless the service providers change the way they work.

Ping Teo Recycling is not the be-all and end-all. Instead, we should put more effort into reducing the use of plastics - starting from manufacturers and retailers.

Shu Yi

Road shows, how-to videos, leaflets, widespread education is key.

Doreen Chan

Not only households should participate. The Government should encourage establishments, restaurants, supermarkets to do so.

Irene Liang

In Australia, rubbish won't be collected unless you separate them properly. It has been doing that for 20 years. So what are we doing with this blue big bin?

Jasmine Lim

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