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Should dementia patients be electronically tagged?

If we are talking about something that could be "life or death", then all the more we should adopt such precautionary measures.

If people are unable to make decisions themselves, then it is in their best interests that we do whatever we can to keep them safe.

Ursula Soh Dementia patients may forget at times but they're not totally lost. What about patients' privacy and respect? Do we tag our toddlers?

Agnes Tan

Yes they should be, speaking as a caretaker who is responsible for two loved ones in their 70s and 90s suffering from moderate to severe dementia. Not everyone in the community is able to identify people (with) dementia. There are also different stages of dementia. For peace of mind and for their own safety, tagging and monitoring them as the disease progresses should be an option.

Rathi Ho

It will be a great help for caretakers. But it has to be something small and which does not embarrass the wearer.

Loy Hjon

This is inhuman - it is no different from (tagging) dogs or other animals. Carrying (some) identification is acceptable and I believe Singaporeans are helpful enough to guide those with dementia to the nearest police post or rope in the town council.

Koh Guankoon

How can citizens and residents contribute to Singapore's nation branding?

Allow tourists to stay in our HDB flats (Airbnb-style).... open to owners who are above age 60 to enable them to earn some income.

Tsai Teck See

At the individual level, we can contribute by being considerate and polite to people around us.

Singapore's economy is stronger than that of other countries, and our people are more well-off. We should be proud of our economic status, and this should be shown through our behaviour and actions, which could be more civic-minded.

Andrew Loh

Singapore can't compete with the natural wealth of other countries, can't exactly squeeze in many more casinos or theme parks either, so it could be a futuristic tech experience destination.

Basically, Singapore has progressed from Third World to First - and it now has to look beyond to the cutting edge... seeing technology influence the visitor experiences throughout the city.

Michael Petraeus

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