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Do local arts talents have enough space to develop their potential here? How can Singapore's contemporary arts scene grow further?

There is no future for the arts here on a large scale. The same goes for the music industry... because the market is small.

Peter Tan

Will showing more kindness to refugees help stem terrorism? Why or why not?

Like Theodore Roosevelt said: Speak softly but carry a big stick. Be kind to refugees but also be determined to beat the terrorists hard.

Loh Wai Poon

It is better for European countries to take them in and educate them with the right moral values... rather than let the ISIS militants take them and train them to attack more human beings.

Chloe Khaw

Take them in, house them in a controlled location, feed them well and treat them with respect. With basic needs fulfilled there is no reason for them to sway towards extremism.

Agreas Kee

What if terrorists infiltrate the countries by disguising themselves as refugees?

Who will bear the responsibility of ensuring the safety of citizens when terrorism happens?

Dennis Cheng

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