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Should passengers be made to alight from only the designated "exit" doors of buses?

Older people should be allowed to alight at the front as at the rear exit, there is usually a wide gap between the last step on the bus and the pavement. The height difference makes it difficult for the elderly to step down.

Angela Zhu

(Bus captains) should be taught how to handle such incidents and show tolerance and patience rather than just meeting arrival and departure timings.

Peter Tan

If commuters refuse to move to the rear of the bus, alighting from the front can create more space for boarding commuters.

Gabriel Chia

What measures would encourage more people to read?

Please have more copies of e-books. I've been on waitlist for some bestsellers for months.

Serena Tan

Getting an influencer or YouTuber to introduce a book, have a reading session, discussion about the books and bringing characters to life may get people to pick up a book.

Kimberly Chew

Would it be possible for NLB to work with, say Kindle, so that books can be read by children on a device that is not detrimental to their eyesight?

Jacqueline Tan

Bigger print for those who are ageing.

Marilyn Chng

More variety of e-books and audiobooks please.

Wei Hong Tay

Start a campaign. For every book read, readers are required to do a short review of the book, share the post... to be awarded points redeemable for transport or shopping vouchers, or discounts.

Pan Jiahe

What are some needs young parents would like addressed?

Ideally, flexible working hours or more childcare leave.

Chau King

Working mothers need more job security. Employers would rather get people who can (do overtime) past 8pm or are available 24/7.

Jill Lim

Perhaps the real problem is the high costs of raising children in Singapore...

Clara Alexia

Additional help and subsidies for children born with disabilities and born prematurely.

Parveen Banu

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