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Is developing the Jurong Lake District into a wellness precinct a good idea?

With mental illness being one of the top threats to our nation, a wellness theme makes sense.

Yong Yun Fui

Another mall full of nutrition and health shops doesn't have much appeal. How is that different from regular malls?

There should be a waterfall producing negative ions and open spaces for taiji, yoga and meditation activities.

A track for marathon events, too, so people don't have to run on the roads.

Bryce Ang

I love the green open space. That's wellness for me.

Akram Din

Will providing refunds for returned bottles and cans encourage more Singaporeans to recycle?

It will be a good move. All retailers and manufacturers can play a big role when it comes to recycling plastics and making sure the environment is good for everyone.

Christine Tiyu

Singaporeans are practical people. Refunds can be small but should be tied to something practical.

For example, a 10-cent refund per plastic bottle can be deposited directly into a person's ez-link card. As most people use public transport, it will make them conscious of how much they can save on transport costs.

Sharon Lam

Yes and no. It's a great incentive to encourage and teach people to recycle.

But then, what will the recycling firms do with the plastic bottles once they get them?

The best way to limit waste, especially plastic waste, is to just ban it.

Aimee Kowaliuk

It's a good initiative, but will only result in more aunties and uncles gathering bottles.

Thomas N Karen

Discouraging the use of plastic by taxing businesses will have a better outcome. Providing refunds, on the contrary, could encourage more plastic use.

Mark Nge

Nope. It doesn't work. The moment refunds or rewards stop, things will go back to square one.

Lawrence Tan

Yes, definitely. Some European countries already have such machines inside or near their supermarkets.

Tan Ling Chui

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