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Should Grab focus its expansion on only ride-hailing related services?

From a consumer's point of view, if Grab can bring convenience and keep costs low, it can expand into as many areas as it wants. From a business point of view, it will be a strong competitor in any area that it is going to venture into, so it may not be good for business owners.

Kelvin Tan

It can expand into any business as ride hailing has pretty much matured as a service.

Louis Ling

As long as its core business is maintained properly, it should not be an issue.

Theo De Roza

Should "text-walking lanes" be built on roads to prevent smartphone zombies?

Technology's purpose is to make our lives better and more efficient, but not at the expense of safety.

Copying other countries' systems without understanding our local context or failing to see the wrong message sent - that it is okay for a person to be glued to his phone - is tantamount to telling pedestrians there is no need to look out for traffic even though the green man sign is on.

It would be more apt to explore technology that can block off all mobile phone signals when users are crossing roads.

Alan Chen F C

We totally do not need "text-walking lanes". It will give the wrong signal to pedestrians that it is okay to text while walking and jeopardise their safety.

Rohanah Sunan

In Hawaii, people who cross the roads while looking at their phones get fined. We should do it here. These people are hazards.

Nyetzy Yip

Texting lanes? How about safe lanes for pedestrians? What next? A daydreaming lane?

Kok Chwee Sim

Having such a lane definitely comes at the expense of space. Either the existing width of pedestrian crossings has to be divided, making them congested, or additional lanes are needed.

Kelvin Chow

No way. People who look at their phones while walking are making a choice to get hurt. It is not the drivers' or Government's choice.

Graham Lavery

If people want to text while walking, do you think they will stay in the lane?

Darryl Kang

If a law is enacted on every behavioural issue, it is impossible to enforce it fairly. It also breeds a mentality that personal responsibility can be outsourced to the authorities. How far down this slope are we going to go?

Lim Yok Zuan

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