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Should there be a penalty for pedestrians who use their phones while crossing the road?

Yes, public roads are a shared responsibility.

Govinda Samy

More urgent to think of a solution for those on e-scooters riding on pedestrian pathways.

Simon Foo

People who aren't careful on roads will pay with their own life. There's no need for a fine. It's not as if you hit a pedestrian, your vehicle will become dented. How dangerous can a pedestrian be?

Andrew Lee

Yes. Not only those who use phones while crossing roads, but also those who are walking in MRT stations during peak hours and on escalators. They simply ignore the busy crowds around them, block the way and get off moving escalators so slowly that it can cause potential accidents for anybody behind them.

Catherine Eng

No phones and earphones in the ears while crossing the street.

Josh Fogel

Many pedestrians assume drivers will look out for them when they cross the roads. So they happily use their phones as they stroll across the crossings, some have earphones on them, subjecting themselves to the failures or misjudgment of others. So, yes impose fines. Without potential fines, pedestrians are getting more complacent and irresponsible.

Stella Tan

Absolutely, yes. It not only endangers their lives but that of motorists as well. Many of these zombies can't be bothered to look up. It's getting out of hand. Fine them.

Kenneth Goh

Should the Jurong Falls be retained after the Jurong Bird Park moves to Mandai?

It's a beautiful place, lots of awesome memories there. It can be a place for 'jalan jalan' with natural birds rather than caged-up birds. Why not?

Yes retain it and make a nice park, good for wedding photos.

Gilbert Carthigasu

We have sacrificed many forests and green spaces for urban living. Please save some, whether natural or man-made.

Wendy Leong

Let it be open. Remove the aerial netting. No more birds to keep inside the nets. Singapore needs more open spaces. The plants in there have been thriving for decades. Don't destroy what is valuable to replace them with concrete jungles.

Florence Heng

If they want to retain the park, there is no need to move to Mandai.

Mon Sani

No need, as it is man-made. And who will go to that location?

Marcus Shawn

Don't waste water and electricity. It is just man-made. Nothing special about it.

Eugene Sim

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