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What measures would encourage Singaporeans to recycle?

Take the return-your-tray initiative, for example. It took some time and education, but the experience was standardised across eateries here. As a result, I see more people returning their trays as it becomes a social rule.

Lim Jun Jie

We used to live in a landed property and recyclables were collected once a week but general waste collection was every day. Make it the other way around. Our neighbours would just throw recyclables in the general waste bin as they didn't want bags around all week.

Allison Singer

Detailed information on how to sort and prepare items for recycling is lacking. And the big problem for most people is the time spent. For example, I know glass jars have to be washed, but don't I also have to remove the paper labels - which take a day to soak off and several minutes of scraping per jar?

Patricia Rozario

The price of repair is too high. Often, it is cheaper to buy a new item than to repair an old one.

Alicia Chua

Should security guards be equipped with basic weapons to handle violent situations?

It's not about the use of weapons but what the law can do to protect our guards. Harsher penalties equivalent to that of hitting a police officer must be implemented. Otherwise, why would anyone want to put their lives on the line when the law can't serve justice for them?

Christopher Headech

Yes, they should. Tasers, to paralyse the attacker. Otherwise, what's the security guard for? They are supposed to protect property and lives.

Joe Koshi San

Security guards are not policemen. There is no need for them to have weapons. If we were to issue arms or other weapons, some might misuse it.

Stacey Lilley

Not weapons, but self-defence techniques. With weapons, the danger is always excessive use of force or weapons being snatched and used against them.

Roy Phang

Yes. Non-lethal options like pepper spray and baton to defend themselves.

Tian Peng

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