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What are some unhealthy workplace practices you have encountered?

I have had bosses who contacted my family when they could not reach me.

Elaine Tan

Favouritism and bullying, by giving one person too much work but allowing others to do only half of that, are the worst. Unfair treatment and not doing yearly appraisals will also affect the morale of the workers.

Wendy Lim

Please, no texting after office hours. Remember, do not disturb family time and rest time.

Celine Gomez

When I was having the flu, I wanted to take medical leave but my monthly incentives were cut.

Pakanga Tamihana

Bad office ventilation. Non-stop spread of virus over four months. Panna Nana

In the retail industry, most employers do not want to employ sufficient staff to run the business. The staff have to work overtime and are not allowed to apply for long leave.

Valerie Cheo

Is noise pollution as harmful as other forms of pollution?

Yes. Noise pollution is a genuine problem.

Noise has been proven to harm health, whether or not the sound irritates the listener.

Veronica E Chung

Unless we can be quiet and considerate like the Japanese, the more than 5.64 million (and increasing) people in Singapore need their renovations and activities done over the same land area, hence the higher noise density.

Augustine Yong

What about the loud auction and getai shows during the seventh month, funeral rituals and weddings? How about banning busking in public places with loud singing and music?

The minority who prefer the quiet would do well to move elsewhere that is quiet. There isn't a single right or wrong answer to this question. It depends on the community.

Sangha Vandana

It all depends how we master mindfulness as a nation with high-density living, where there is no escaping from noise.

Yong Yun Fui

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