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What should developers consider to liven up the CBD at night?

Don't build any more condos, shopping malls and HDB blocks. The prices of food at hawker centre should be affordable to attract crowds.

Lai Yin Lee

What's the vibrancy for? If there's a purpose people will naturally go there. Why can't the CBD power down?

Andy Wee

Bars, KTVs and clubs.

Sean John

A writer says there is little we can do to prevent noise pollution. Do you agree?

We could outlaw exhaust modifications on mopeds - often, I hear one approaching sounding like a Harley Davidson, but instead, it's a 125cc motorbike.

Mark Keddie

More noise barriers especially at expressways and more speed cameras to catch speeding motorcycles and trucks. Those are the worst offenders of noise pollution.

Jaxon Lee

Do you think tough-love parenting will help children in the long term?

One size doesn't fit all. It also depends on each child's personality.

Skylar Hsl

Too much hard caning and too often will make a child hate the parent later on in life.

Jack Tong

Strict parenting crosses the line into parenting from a place of fear. As parents, we must keep a watch on ourselves and even ask other parents for their perspectives to stay balanced while raising our children.

Sangha Vandana

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