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Is there a need for the authorities to monitor noise in parks and gyms?

Got to monitor noise everywhere. Such a constant bombardment.

Billy Soh

The park is a place for people to meet up, go jogging and cycling, for kids to play and for senior citizens to hang out. Why is there a need to control noise? The gym is for people to exercise, meet up with gym buddies or coaches. Whenever I go to the gym, it is always quiet because everyone is on their headphones, doing their own thing.

Haqqi Hessa

Do you think it is time to redefine meritocracy in Singapore?

You can redefine it all you want. The fact remains that people will always select those that best fit their needs.

That's the problem. Meritocracy is simply a term to describe a phenomenon. Redefining it does absolutely nothing.

Dicky Tan

What meritocracy? If there was meritocracy, why can't a person from the minority race become the next prime minister?

Sathia M Palani

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